Gecko Head Gear specialise in marine safety helmets for rescue organisations and security services

We have been hand-making helmets designed specifically for the marine environment for over twenty years in our Bude workshop. We produce the only marine safety certified helmets in the world (PAS 028:2002) and our products benefit from extensive expertise in the marine safety sector; all featuring our patented inflatable liner and 316 grade stainless steel studs and metalwork

The original Gecko marine safety helmet was commissioned by the RNLI in 1995 to replace the motorcycle helmets that had been worn previously; these helmets became heavy when wet posing a risk to the wearer’s neck. Gecko Head Gear worked closely with the RNLI, MOD and Police Forces to design a helmet that gave them a motorised vehicle level of protection in a helmet that was designed to be used in a marine environment. Today, RNLI crews around the UK coastlines exclusively use Gecko helmets for motor watercraft maritime rescues.

To see who in the security sector uses Gecko Head Gear, jump to our who uses Gecko page.

Further to the success of Gecko Head Gear’s marine safety helmet range, in 2017 we launched the maritime ballistic helmet; a version of the popular open face helmet that has ballistics protection. Jump to our safety page to see the safety credentials of this helmet.

Gecko works with safety equipment distributors all over the world and we ship to most destinations from our online store. If you cannot arrange delivery to your country from our online store please contact your local distributor. All orders placed on this website are custom and may take a few weeks to fulfill.